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Criminal Defence Lawyer, BC

Dale Melville Law

I was, and still am a client of Mr. Ashta. Mr Ashta has helped me with all things web-related from the ground up, which was no small task. He has helped re-design my website, worked with me to significantly improve my SEO in a short period of time, and everything in between. Mr. Ashta's turnaround time for requests, assistance or otherwise is as fast as it gets. He is trust-worthy, honest, and intelligent.

  • Ranked at the top for all practice and sub-practice areas

  • Sent leads from Google to fill out the caseload for 18+ months

Multi-Practice Area Law Firm in Vancouver, BC

Solimano Law

Lots of new client calls these days. Thank you thank you.

  • Top of Google Search and Maps for two main practice areas

  • Also ranked at the top for Divorce and Family Law keywords

Online Reputation Management Campaign

Business Owner, BC

Awesome!Oh wow!!

  • Suppressed negative news article on a powerful local news site down to the 18th position

  • Gained Wikipedia and other high powered placements for legitimacy

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